Chapter A. Pages, Menu by Menu

With its toolbar buttons , inspectors, Color Picker, Font Panel, Media Browser, and pop-up shortcut menus , Pages gives you lots of ways to give the program commands. But there are still plenty of virtual switches and levers you'll find only in the menu barand sometimes they're just plain easier to get to up there. This appendix gives you a quick tour of every menu choice you'll run across in Pages.

Tip: Many menu commands list the keyboard shortcut.

A few common rules apply to all the menus you'll find in Pages. The program displays a menu command in gray when that command isn't availablewhen nothing is selected or the command doesn't apply to what is selected, for example. If you select a menu command that features a black triangleit's actually a right-pointing arrowa submenu appears on the right. Drag your pointer to the right to choose one of the submenu commands.

Finally, menu commands ending in an ellipsis ( ) indicate that another window containing more choices will appear when you choose it. Feel free to try out these commands without fear of anything actually happening to your document, since the window that shows up always contains a Cancel button.

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