Keeping Audio and Video in Sync

Although my recommendation is to use embedded audio wherever possible, it's a given that you will come across instances where it is far simpler to use disbanded audio. This may be the case when you are adding filters or simply having trouble visualizing how your project is pieced together. Many people find it useful to see the WAV form under the video and then just trim to the sound.

If you do disband your audio, you need to activate the Sync Break feature so that you can be made aware of any video and audio sync problems. See the "To activate Sync Break" task below.

Working with ungrouped files

If you send your media clips to the Timeline ungrouped, generally speaking, these files automatically stick together unless a new media clip causes others to move up the Timeline, thus leaving the audio behind.

If you can't prevent audio sync problems from occurring, then you can at least use Sync Break so you can get a warning that it has happened. Once activated, Sync Break displays a red line along the bottom of any audio files that are out of sync; it also displays how many frames out of alignment the track is (Figure 7.67).

Figure 7.67. Sync Break alerts you to an 18-frame sync problem.

To activate Sync Break

  • Right-click the track name and drag the mouse down this menu to the View options. Here you can toggle Sync Break on. You need to toggle this on for all tracks that you want to monitor.


  • Note that this does not prevent sync problems, but it does alert you to prudent use of the Undo key once you see what is occurring.

Linking objects

If the audio and video were brought in separatelyas in the case of a voice-overthen you can line these objects up on the Timeline and then link them together. Once linked, you can trim these objects on the Timeline or in the Trim Editor while always keeping them together.

To link Timeline objects


Use the Ctrl key to select the objects you want to link together.


Right-click any of the objects and select Item Link and then Link Items (Figure 7.68).

Figure 7.68. Linking two or more items together.


  • This menu also allows you to unlink the media clips.

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