Deleting an Audio Track from a Video Clip

In some cases, you might want to rid the video of its audio completely. In this case, you have two options: turning the audio off in the clip's properties, or disbanding the audio and deleting just the audio section.

To turn off the audio track:

  • Right-click the media clip in the Timeline, select Properties, and deselect any audio boxes that are not grayed out (Figure 7.41).

    Figure 7.41. Turning off audio in the clip's properties.


  • Deselecting the audio in this way leaves the original media clip in the Project Browser untouched.

To delete an audio track


Select the clip on the Timeline by clicking it once.


Right-click and select Disband Clip(s) from the menu if the clip is not already disbanded.

If you needed to perform this extra step, you need to reselect the clip again by clicking it once.


With the clip selected, hold down the Ctrl key and click once on the video section of the clip so that it turns a lighter shade marking it as deselected (Figure 7.42).

Figure 7.42. The audio remains selected but not the video.


Press the Delete key on your keyboard and the audio part of this clip is deleted.


  • Deleting an audio track on the Timeline only affects the clip on the Timeline. The parent clip in the Project Browser retains its audio tracks.

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