Activating and Deactivating Audio

You can temporarily mute audio tracks so that you can hear the other audio tracks on the Timeline or simply to preserve your sanity when you are listening to the same clip over and over.

To mute a Timeline track

Do one of the following:

  • Click once on the speaker icon that belongs to the track you want to mute (Figure 7.38).

    Figure 7.38. Click here to mute the volume of this track…

  • Open the Audio Editor and click the speaker icon at the top of the sliders (Figure 7.39).

    Figure 7.39. …or here.


  • You can mute as many tracks as you like and bring them back again by clicking in the speaker column and selecting Audio Playback On (Figure 7.40).

    Figure 7.40. Activating audio on all tracks.

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