Adding Markers to Audio Clips

You will find that markers are particularly useful in audio editing because the WAV formsthe somewhat complex-looking lines that appear in the Source Viewer when an audio clip is sent thereare not always as useful as you might need them to be. Picking out a specific audio section may be virtually impossible among the mass of lines displayed.

It is quicker and smarter to place a marker at every audio event you deem important. This can be as extreme as a marking the beat of the music, to something as simple as marking the start of the lyrics or the banging of a car door.

To add a marker to an audio clip:


Double-click the audio clip to send it to the Source Viewer.


Scrub or play the audio clip until you reach the point you want to mark.


Press the M key or click the Set Marker button if you have this button on your interface.

A small gray triangle appears at this point (Figure 7.37).

Figure 7.37. The marker appears as a small gray triangle.


  • When adding a marker to the beat of a song, you can simply play the clip and press the M key every time you hear the beat change. If you miscalculate the placement of a marker, you can adjust this later by holding down the Alt key and dragging the marker to a better position.

  • For more information on markers and how to name and delete them, see Chapter 6.

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