Digitizing Logged Clips

Once an entire Reel is logged, you can instruct the Logging Tool to capture either the whole thing or just those logged clips you are interested in.

This is important: To digitize logged clips, you must first exit the Logging Tool. This is one of those irksome personality issues that Liquid Edition suffers from, and if exiting the Logging Tool to begin digitizing makes no sense to you, join the club.

To digitize all the clips in a Rack


Make sure the Logging Tool is closed, then in the Project Browser, if it is not already open, select the Rack that contains your logged clips.


Right-click inside the right window of the Project Browser and select Batch Digitize from the pop-up menu.


Select All In Rack (Figure 2.38).

Figure 2.38. Select either All In Rack or Clips Not Yet Digitized.


If there are clips in the Rack that have already been digitized, select Clips Not Yet Digitized.

The Logging Tool opens, displaying the batch digitizing interface and a list of all the clips you have logged, along with details on mark-in and mark-out points and the Reel name they were taken from (Figure 2.39).

Figure 2.39. A batch list includes those clips that will be digitized.

The Audio and Media tabs have the same function here as they did when you were digitizing. See "Digitizing a DV tape" for details. The two options at the top are specialist options for batch digitizing. Details on this can be found in Chapter 8 of the Pinnacle Liquid Edition Reference manual.


Check that you have the correct hard drive selected in the Media Management box and then click the Digitize button to begin the process.


Confirm that you are using the right tape by clicking the check mark.

The Logging Tool rewinds the tape to just before the mark-in point of the first clip and then it starts to play (Figure 2.40).

Figure 2.40. A list of batched clips being digitized.

When it reaches the mark-in point, it begins to digitize; when it reaches the mark-out point, it stops digitizing and fast forwards to the next mark-in point. This continues until all the clips have been digitized.


  • You may want to turn Scene Detection off when digitizing from a batch list; otherwise, your batched clips will be subdivided up into their individual scenes.

To digitize a selection of clips in a Rack


Hold down the Ctrl key and then left-click each of the logged clips you are interested in.


Click any of these clips and choose Selected from the Batch Digitize options (Figure 2.41).

Figure 2.41. Using the Ctrl key and left mouse, you can selectively pick which clips to digitize.

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Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows
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