Exporting a Sequence to a Specific File Format

The Internet is the perfect place to distribute your video productions, or at least to expose them to a wider audience. In this case, distribution is simply a matter of deciding which format you want to use and what sort of quality levels you require. Remember, large-scale formats such as AVI create large files that aren't always suitable for downloading. The QuickTime format can create a more compact version of the same Timeline, but the users must have this application installed on their computer.

Trial and error reveals which format is best for which production, and which one offers the best download time versus the optimal quality setting.

To export a Sequence to a specific file format


Click File > Export and then select Sequence to open the Export Sequence interface (Figure 13.11).

Figure 13.11. The Export Sequence interface.


Select the frame size you want and then click the Options button.


From the AVI Options dialog, select the codec you want to use from the drop-down list (Figure 13.12).

Figure 13.12. In the AVI Options dialog, select which codec you want to use.


When you click the check mark at the bottom of the AVI Options dialog in Figure 13.12, you're prompted for a target location for that file. Make your selection and click Save.


  • Most Internet videos are reduced to a smaller file size by using the "Quarter Size" option. This lowers the frame size and decreases quality, but it also creates a smaller file size that is easier to download.

  • You need to install some codecs on your computer before they show up on the list in the Options dialog.

  • By changing the frame rate of a video from 25 to 15, you reduce the overall size of the exported file but you'll find the video playback jerky.

  • For better compression without quality loss, consider using the DVD Export function and the Program Stream 1 preset. Details on this can be found in the "Alternatives to Creating DVDs…" section at the end of Chapter 12.

Miscellaneous Export Methods

Three other options are available to you in the Export menu: XML/ALE, EDL, and OMF. Strictly speaking, these aren't export options because they don't export the Timeline as such; instead, they export various properties associated with that Timeline or Project. Their use is fairly specific and most users never need to go anywhere with them. Further information regarding their use and abuse can be found in Chapter 7 of the Pinnacle Liquid Edition Reference manual.

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