Saving a Customized Filter

Once you have altered just the right the combination of parameters to create your dream filter, you probably want to save it for future use. You can do this with just a few clicks of your mouse.

To save a customized filter


Switch to the All tab in the Project Browser and create a Folder called FX.


In the newly created FX folder, create a Rack called Filters (Figure 9.47).

Figure 9.47. Creating a new FX Rack.


Right-click the purple line that runs the length of the clip in the Timeline, and then select Copy from the menu (Figure 9.48).

Figure 9.48. Copying the effect with your unique parameter settings.


Right-click inside the right pane of the Project Browser and select Paste from the menu. The filter is copied into this Rack complete with your parameters safely stored so that you can use it again in the future with just a drag and a drop (Figure 9.49).

Figure 9.49. Pasted and renamed in the newly created FX Rack.


  • The filter appears in the Rack with its default name. To change this, right-click the effect and select Rename from the menu.

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