Part I Review Questions

  1. How do you start Lotus Notes? See "Starting Lotus Notes" in Chapter 1.

  2. What do you do to get back to the initial set up screen? See the note in "See What's New in Lotus Notes 6" in Chapter 1.

  3. What are the parts of the Basics Welcome Page? See "A Closer Look at the Basics Welcome Page" in Chapter 2.

  4. How do you use the Bookmark Bar? See "Using the Bookmark Bar" in Chapter 2.

  5. What are two ways to launch your E-mail? See "Launching and Investigating E-mail" in Chapter 3.

  6. What can you do with Contacts? See "Launching and Investigating Contacts" in Chapter 3.

  7. How can you access Help in Notes? See "Launching Notes Help" in Chapter 4.

  8. What can you do to send a co-worker a Help topic? See "Sending Help" in Chapter 4.

  9. What kinds of preferences does Notes let you change on the Mail tab of User Preferences? See "User Preferences" in Chapter 5.

  10. How can you change your password? See "User Security" in Chapter 5.

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