Sending Help

Have you ever had a co-worker ask you how to do something in a software application such as Lotus Notes? Now you can find the answer for him and send a copy of the instructions to his Inbox.

  1. Click on Help. The Help drop-down menu will appear.

  2. Click on Help Topics. The Help dialog box will open.

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    If you need to search for the specific help topic, complete the following steps. If you see the help topic you need, skip to Step 6.

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  3. Click on Search. The Help Search dialog box will open.

  4. Click in the Search text box and type the word or phrase you want to locate.

  5. Click on the Search button. The information you seek will be displayed in the right panel of the Help dialog box.

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  6. Click on the Help topic you need. The right panel will reflect your choices.

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  7. Click on Actions. The Actions drop-down menu will appear.

  8. Click on Forward Selected Topic(s). The Help information will be placed in an e-mail message, ready for you to address.

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  9. Type the recipient's name in the To text box. The recipient's name will appear in the text box.

  10. Click on Send. The Help message will be sent to the recipient.

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