13.5 The KeyName Element

The KeyName element contains a character string that the signer or encrypter uses to identify the key to the recipient; see Table 13-1 for its identifier. This element need not be a "name" in the usual sense. For example, it could be a file name or a key index into a database. In particular, white space in the character content of KeyName may be significant, and unusual characters can occur.

In the XML Encryption context, KeyName may refer to the value of a CarriedKeyName attribute of an EncryptedKey element (see Chapter 15). Support of this ability is recommended for XML Encryption implementations.

The KeyName element syntax follows:

 <!-- KeyName DTD --> <!ELEMENT KeyName (#PCDATA) > 

In schema notation, it has the following form:

 <!-- KeyName schema --> <element name="KeyName" type="string"/> 

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