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pack( ) 
    Window class 
package statement 
    basic, listing of 
    classes, placing in 
    creating your own 
        naming conventions 
    java. or javax.  2nd 
    standard extensions, naming syntax 
    application for installation on different platforms 
    distributing application electronically with JWS 
    Jar packager, using on Mac OS X 
    JavaBeans into a JAR file 
    preparing a class as a JavaBean 
    programs for installation on Mac OS X 
    servlets into WAR files 
    forwarding to other networks with routers 
    TFTP protocol 
    UDP datagram 
PageFormat class 
pages, printing 
pagination, difficulties handling with Java Printing APIs 
paint model for drawing (AWT) 
paint( )
    AWT class 
    checking for null image and nonnegative width and height 
    Component class 
    Graphics class 
    Graphics2D class 
paintComponent( ) 
palindromes of numbers 
Palm Computing Platform devices, special APIs for 
Paper class 
parallel ports 
    preparing and opening 
ParallelPort class 
ParallelPrint class (example) 
parameterized statements (JDBC) 
parameters, <applet> tag 
parse( ) (DateFormat)  2nd 
parseInt( ) (Integer) 
parseObject( ) 
ParsePosition class 
    comma-separated data 
        regular expressions, using 
    command-line arguments 
    date strings 
        with DOM 
        "non-validating" and validating parsers 
        with SAX 
        XmlForm class (example) 
Parts, MIME-encoded messages 
passing values 
    MutableInteger class (example) 
    BuzzInServlet class (example), providing for 
    mail settings, providing for 
    unencrypted, preventing from being saved 
PATH environment variable, CLASSPATH vs. 
PATH separator (:) 
pattern characters, DecimalFormat class 
Pattern class 
    compile( ) 
        CANON_EQ flag 
        CASE_INSENSITIVE flag 
        MULTILINE flag 
        UNIX_LINES flag 
pattern matching  [See regular expressions]
peek( ) (Stack) 
pen plotter  [See plotters]
Penman plotter program (example) 
percentages, formatting for locales 
    collections vs. arrays 
    timing Java programs 
        string concatenation vs. println( ) 
        Time class (example) 
peripheral devices, controlling 
    Communications API 
    event-driven reading and writing 
    parallel ports, preparing and opening 
    Penman plotter program (example) 
    ports, choosing 
    reading and writing with threads 
    reading and writing, lock-step 
    resolving port conflicts 
    serial port, preparing and opening 
    discussions of regexes 
    running Perl code from Java 
    class fields and methods, getting 
    JNLP, setting 
Person class (example), unit testing 
personal information managers  [See JabaDex application]
personalization properties 
PersonTest class (example), writing test case 
PI, displaying value 
PipedInputStream class 
PipedOutputStream class 
pipelining, using Unix tee command 
plain text email attachment 
platform-independent code, writing 
    default locales for 
    Java Plug-in, dependence on 
play( ) (AudioClip) 
players for QuickTime or MPEG movies 
    example program 
        abstract methods, use of 
        PlotDriver class 
        Plotter class 
    Penman plotter program 
    PlotterAWT class (example) 
plurals, formatting 
plus sign  [See + under Symbols]
poll( ) (system call) 
    Java methods 
    println method 
pop( ) (Stack) 
pop-up "tooltips" 
POP3 protocol 
port number (socket connections) 
portability of Java, operating systems and 
PortChooser class (example) 
PortOwner class (example) 
PortOwnershipListener class  2nd 
ports  [See also parallel ports; serial ports]
    choosing for peripherals 
    conflicts, resolving 
    serial and parallel 
position of (imaginary) cursor in string 
position of one numeric field in a String 
position sliders for players 
POSIX-style character classes (US-ASCII) 
possessive multipliers, regular expression 
POST method, HTML 
PostGreSQL database 
    converting text to 
    free font renderers 
    marking engine, graphics 
    printer output 
    Preferences class 
    PrefsDemo program (example) 
preferredLayoutSize( ) (LayoutManager) 
prepared statements, JDBC 
prepareImage( ) 
prependSpaces( ) 
prime number pairs for public key cryptography 
primitive data types
    class objects representing, using for method arguments 
    converting to/from Object and vice versa 
    converting to/from object wrappers with autoboxing 
    returned by next*( ) (Random) 
print statements, debugging 
print( ) 
    calling once for each page (Java 2) 
    end-of-line characters and 
Printable interface 
PrintDemoGfx class (example) 
printerDialog( ) (PrinterJob) 
PrinterJob class 
printers, use of parallel ports (LPT) 
printf, method in java.util.Formatter 
printf/scanf functions (C language) 
    class information 
        MyJavaP class (example) 
    date and time in localized format 
    external program output 
    with Formatter class 
    a friendly message 
    hash codes for objects 
    lines in files containing pattern match 
    object formatting with toString( ) 
    patterns matching regular expressions, all occurrences of 
println( ) 
    end-of-line characters and 
    strings transmitted via server-side sockets 
    timing, string concatenation vs. 
printStackTrace( ) (Throwable) 
PrintStream class
    format( ) 
    subclassing and having write( ) methods write to two streams 
PrintWriter class 
    socket output stream, creating from 
priority (threads), getting and setting 
private class, writing 
PRNG (pseudo-random number generators) 
ProcessBuilder class 
    start( ) 
processes, ending when program exits 
processors, XSLT 
producer-consumer model, threads 
    simplifying with Queue interface 
    conventions in this book 
    general, books about 
        automating with Ant 
        conditional compilation 
        deprecation warnings 
        editors with color highlighting, using 
    compiling and running with JDK 
    compiling, running, and testing with IDEs 
    JILT toolkit 
    other languages, running with Java
        kwrite program[ 
    running from JAR files 
        initialization overhead, taking into account 
        Time class (example) 
prompts, Unix and Windows 
    definition of 
        editors for 
        get/set accessory methods for public 
    Properties class 
    Properties file, format and syntax of 
    PropsCompanies program (example) 
    system  [See system properties]
Properties class  2nd  3rd 
    contains( ) 
    containsKey( ), containsValue( ) 
    mail server, information about 
properties files
    explicitly loading (GetResourceDemo example) 
    locales in 
    MailClient (example) 
    for other languages, creating 
    RMIWatch program, use in 
    for simple browser 
protected methods 
ProtectionDomain class 
protocols, providing for mail settings 
proxy objects, RMI
    getting references to 
    implementing remote interface 
    strings and 
pseudo-random number generators (PRNG), cryptographically strong 
pseudo-random numbers 
PSFormatter class (example) 
public constant (TYPE) 
public key cryptography, creating prime number pairs for 
push( ) (Stack) 
put( )
    Hashtable class 
    Map interface 
Python, interfacing with Java components (Jython) 


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