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Object class
    clone( ), overriding 
    toString( ) 
object serialization 
    DBM database 
    JDO, using 
    RMI and 
    saving and restoring serialized objects 
object wrappers  [See also wrapper classes]2nd 
OBJECT, imbedding keyword in HTML 
object-oriented design (OOD)  [See also design patterns]
    books about 
object-oriented programming
    CORBA IIOP, interoperability among languages 
    Java techniques 
        API, importance of using 
        aplication-specific exceptions, writing 
        callbacks, providing via interfaces 
        clone( ), overriding and implementing your own 
        comparing class objects 
        design patterns, standard API 
        finalize( ) 
        generality vs. application specificitity 
        hashCode( ), overriding and implementing your own 
        inner classes, using 
        Javadoc, importance of 
        passing values 
        plotter program (example) 
        polymorphism/abstract methods 
        printing object formatting with toString( ) 
        Singleton pattern, enforcing 
        subclassing and delegation 
ObjectInputStream class  2nd 
ObjectOutputStream class  2nd  3rd 
    adding to/removing from stacks 
    arrays of 
    class, getting Class object for 
    containing code, synchronizing 
    converting to/from byte arrays 
    converting to/from numbers 
    converting to/from object wrappers and primitives with autoboxing 
    converting to/from primitives and vice versa 
    finding in collections 
    hash codes for 
    Java strings as 
    keeping in order (TreeSet) 
    monitor locking 
    passing as parameter or return value of remote methods 
    proxy, references to 
    references to
        comparing for equality 
        mapping with HashMap or Hashtable 
    removing from service 
    returning with socket-based servers 
    synchronization target, using as  2nd 
Observable class  2nd 
octals, converting integers to 
ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) 
    JDBC-ODBC bridge 
OOD  [See design patterns object-oriented design]
Open Office save file format 
open source software
    CollabNet web site 
    Eclipse IDE 
    Java, web sites for distribution 
    JDK source code 
    licensing, understanding 
    NetBeans IDE 
    Unix servers 
open( ) (CommPortIdentifier)  2nd  3rd 
OpenBSD  2nd 
openConnection( ) (URL) 
opening files (by name) 
openStream( ) (URL) 
operating systems
    code dependent on, writing 
        filename separators and 
    default locales for 
    determining current 
    Java Plug-in, versions for 
    jikes compiler, downloading and installing 
    native code compilers for 
    network applications, differences in 
    null device, discarding output with 
    read( ) system call 
    system internals or filesystem design 
    system properties and 
    time command 
    extracting from input stream 
optimization, inline code generation 
optional methods 
options, command line  [See command line]
Oracle database 
ordering data 
ordinaryCharacter( ) (StringTokenizer) package 
org.w3c.dom package 
output  [See input/output]
OutputStreamWriter class 
    specifying character encoding 
overloading methods
    getInstance( ), formatting service classses 
    join( ) 
    substring( ) 
overloading operators 
Overrides annotation 
overriding methods
    clone( ) (Object) 
    equals( ) 
    hashCode( ) 
    paintComponent( ) 
    toString( ) 
    windowClosing( ) 
ownership of ports, resolving conflicts in 


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