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named inner class 
    American-style, Soundex program for comparing 
    extracting from XML file with SAX 
    InetAddress, getting 
    sorting using TreeSet 
    threads, conventions for 
Naming interface 
    binding lookup name to server object instance 
NaN (Not a Number) 
    equality comparisons and 
nanoTime( ) (System) 
native code (C/C++) 
    calling from Java 
        steps in process 
    calling Java from 
    Java mechanism for 
native keyword 
native methods  [See also methods; native code]
    clone( ) 
native-language Java launcher for Mac OS 
native2ascii tool 
natural ordering (classes implementing Comparable) 
negate( )
    BigDecimal class 
    BigInteger class 
negative values (hash code) 
NetATalk (Appletalk File System for Unix) 
NetBeans IDE 
    GUI builder 
NetLogServer class (example) 
NetLogSimple class (example) 
Netscape browsers 
    applet working in, using Java Plug-in 
    running Windows or Unix version from Java 
    Swing GUI, lacking support for 
netscape.javascript package 
network addresses 
    finding and reporting 
network byte-ordering macros 
network clients  [See clients]
Network File System (NFS) 
network interface 
network loggers 
    JDK 1.4 
networking (sockets), package 
NetworkInterface class 
networks  [See also clients; servers]
    security, server-side 
New I/O (NIO) package  [See under input/output]
new keyword 
newAudioClip( ) 
newInstance( )  2nd 
newlines  [See \n]
next( ) (Iterator)  2nd 
nextBoolean( ) (Random) 
nextBytes (Random) 
nextDouble( ) (Random) 
nextFloat( ) (Random) 
nextGaussian( ) (Random) 
nextInt( ) (Random) 
nextkey( ) 
nextLong( ) (Random) 
nextToken( ) (StringTokenizer) 
NIO (New I/O) package  [See New I/O package, under input/output]
Node interface 
nodes (JTree) 
non-core APIs 
non-greedy multipliers 
notify( ), synchronizing threads 
notifyAll( ), synchronizing threads 
ntohl (32 bits), byte-order macro 
null device, discarding output with 
null fields, preserving in string tokenization 
null values
    ParsePosition, indicating failure 
    returned by equals( )  2nd 
NullPointerException  2nd 
Number class  [See also numbers]
    subclasses of 
NumberFormat class  2nd 
    checking string for integer or floating-point number 
    complex, working with 
    converting between objects 
    converting to strings 
    digits, matching in regular expressions 
        comparing for equality 
        ensuring accuracy of 
    formatting  2nd  [See also dates and times; internationalization; localization]
        correct plurals 
        for locales 
        converting between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal 
        operating on series of 
    Java numeric data types 
    large, handling 
    logarithms, taking 
    multiplying by fraction without using floating point 
    multiplying matrices 
    palindromes of 
        generating better 
    Roman numerals, working with 
    storing larger data type in smaller type 
    string, checking if valid number 
    temperatures, converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit 
    trigonometric functions, calculating 
numeric expression 
numeric IP address 
NumFormatTest program (example) 
NumSeries class (example), operating on integer series 


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