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Mac OS X  2nd 
    applet launcher 
    checking for 
    enhancing Swing GUI for 
    IDEs for 
    installing Java programs on 
    Jar packager, using 
    Java implementation on 
    Jikes compiler 
    look and feel, selections 
    Appletalk File System 
    Mac OS
        look and feel, requesting under Windows 
MacOSAppAdapter class (example) 
MacOSUITest class (example) 
MAIL command 
mailbox lister program (example) 
MailClient class (example) 
    compose mode 
    reading mode 
MailClient properties file (example) 
MailComposeBean class (example) 
MailComposeFrame class (example) 
MailConstants interface 
Mailer class (example) 
MailLister class (example) 
mailto: and news: references 
mailto: URL, using for email 
MailtoButton class (example) 
main( )
    changing array argument declaration for all files 
    testing class functionality 
make utility, Ant program vs. 
makefile, Unix 
manifest file, JAR 
    LabelText class (example) 
    Main-Class line in 
Map interface
    classes that implement 
    Generic Types and 
mapping data with Hashtable and HashMap 
markers, interfaces as 
marking engine (PostScript) 
match( )
    Matcher class 
    RE class (ReaderIter example) 
Matcher class 
    finder methods 
matches( ) (String) 
Math class 
    log( ) 
    random( ) 
    trigonometric functions, methods for 
Matrix class (example) 
    multiplying two arrays of ints, program using 
mbox protocol, Unix 
MediaInvoicer program (example) 
MediaTracker class
    status, getting 
    using to ensure successful image loading 
member inner classes 
menus, internationalizing 
    convenience routines for 
    in GUI-based program (example) 
    MenuIntl class (example) 
MessageFormat class 
MessageFormatDemo class (example) 
MessageFormatDemoIntl class (example) 
MessageNode class (example) 
    classes for 
    email, nodes in JTree component 
    internationalizing  2nd 
MessagingException class 
META-INF directory (JAR file), updating with certificate information 
metacharacters, regular expression 
metadata, JDBC 
    JDBCMeta class (example) 
methodology theories 
methods  [See also functions]2nd 
    call-by-reference semantics 
        finding and using 
        getting information about 
    lifecycle, applets 
    monitor locking 
    native, calling from Java 
        getInstance( ) 
        join( ) 
        substring( ) 
    stub or dummy versions 
    synchronized  2nd  3rd 
        auto saving and 
    Internet Explorer  [See also browsers]2nd 
    Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) 
    operating systems, filename separator 
    Windows  [See Windows systems]
MIF (Maker Interchange Format), transforming XML document to 
    multipart email messages, sending  2nd 
        text/html and plain text attachments 
    Parts, encoded messages 
minimumLayoutSize( ) (LayoutManager) 
mkdir( ) (File) 
mkdirs( ) (File) 
MkIndex class (example) 
mkMenu( ) (convenience routine example) 
mnemonic for order of sharps and flats 
Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern  2nd 
        initializing and dialing telephone number 
        send/expect handling for 
    using serial ports 
modes, printer interface and interaction 
modification time of files, manipulating 
modifiers (attributes), HTML 
monitor locks
    awakened thread, regaining 
    objects and methods 
month values, handling for Date or GregorianCalendar 
movies (QuickTime or MPEG), displaying with JMF 
multidimensional arrays 
MULTILINE flag (Pattern.compile( )) 
multiline mode (regular expressions and pattern matching) 
multiline regular expressions 
Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions format  [See MIME]
multiple strings, writing 
Multiple-Document Interface (MDI) 
multipliers in regular expressions 
    greedy  2nd 
multiplying matrices 
    multitasking vs. 
    SMP (symmetric) 
music (Western), listing order of sharps and flats in key signatures 
MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern  2nd 
MySql database 


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