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L10N  [See localization]
labels, GUI components 
LabelText bean, running with Python script 
LabelText class (example) 
    packaging in JAR file 
language codes  2nd 
    creating properties files for 
    formatting messages in different 
    user.language system property 
large-scale number computing, Java web site for 
last modified dates, comparing for directories 
last( ) 
last-in, first-out (LIFO) stack  2nd 
lastIndexOf( ) 
lastModified( ) (File) 
Launch link, electronically distributed applications 
layout managers 
    custom, creating 
        EntryLayout class (example) 
    GridLayout, use in RMIWatch program 
    JTabbedPane class as 
layoutContainer( ) (LayoutManager) 
LayoutManager interface  2nd 
    methods, listed 
LayoutManager2 interface 
leading spaces
    continuing lines with 
    trimming from strings 
leading zeros, formatting numbers with 
Learning Tree 
left-aligned strings 
length of text in pattern matches 
length( ) (String) 
Level class (log4j) 
levels of logging 
    fatal error messages 
lex (file scanning tool) 
    Apache Software Foundation license 
    free software, understanding 
    GNU Public License 
    Sun Java Community Source License 
lifecycle methods
    Applet class 
LIFO (last-in, first-out) stack  2nd 
line mode, reading/writing text in 
line numbers, preserving in stack tracebacks 
line termination characters 
    matching only \n in text strings 
line-oriented tools, Unix 
LineNumberReader class 
    beginning with periods (dot commands) 
    continued, reading 
LinkChecker class (example) 
linked lists 
    data structuring with 
        LinkedList class, program using  2nd 
        LinkList class (example) 
LinkedList class, indexOf( ) 
LinkList class, contains( ) 
links, automated checker 
List interface
    access methods 
    classes that implement 
    indexOf( ) 
list( ) (File) 
list, converting to comma-separated list 
Listen class (socket-based server example) 
    event, registering 
listFiles( ) (File) 
listFolder( ) 
ListMethods class (example) 
listRoots( ) (File) 
LNFSwitcher class (example) 
load( ) (Properties) 
loadClass( ) 
LoadDriver class (example) 
loading classes
    Applet subclass 
        AppletAdapter class (example) 
        AppletViewer class (main program) 
    dynamically  2nd 
    writing your own class loader 
loadLibrary( ) (System) 
local variables, flow analysis for 
Locale class  2nd 
    predefined locale variables 
    InetAddress for 
    JILT toolkit 
        case conversion in strings, specifying for 
        current date, returning for 
        default (platform-dependent) 
        default, changing for Java runtime 
        listing available 
        non-default, using 
        property filenames for different 
    printing date or time for locales 
    steps in 
location transparency, RMI and 
Lock interface
    Condition objects 
    locking methods 
lock( ) (Lock) 
lock-step protocol, reading and writing in 
    awakening threads that own 
    objects and methods 
    ReadWriteLock interface 
log( ) (Math) 
    catching and logging an exception 
    properties file 
logarithms, taking 
LogBase class (example) 
Logger class  2nd 
    instance methods, writing to the log 
    level associated with it 
loggers, network-based 
    JDK 1.4 
    programs for 
    standard error, JDBC connection 
    written stream to file 
LogRecord class 
long data type
    Date class, use of 
    dates, comparing 
    epoch seconds returned as 
    last modification time of files 
    network-to-host byte order macro 
    numbers larger than, handling 
    seconds since epoch, adding to or subtracting from 
    unsigned int (C language), storing as 
long integers 
long numbers, formatting 
look and feel
    Java, official Sun guidelines 
    Mac OS X 
    Mac OS, requesting under Windows 
    Swing programs, changing for 
    Swing-based GUI application 
    switcher (LNFSwitcher) 
lookingAt( ) (Matcher) 
lookup name
    associating with server object 
    hardcoded vs. declared in interface 
lookup( ) (Naming) 
loops, iterating over 
lowercase  [See case]
Ls class (example) 
ls command (Unix) 


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