STEP 07 creating the TEXT

To create the text for the initial Shockzone ad screen in Flash, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Insert > New Symbol to create a new graphic symbol, labeled "macromedia." Flash automatically takes you into the Symbol Editor.

  2. Select the Text tool and choose a font, font size , and color .

    For the Shockzone animation, I used Vonnes Book, set at 44 points, in white. You can use whichever font settings you like.

  3. Click onto the stage and type macromedia.

    If the text looks slightly jagged, make sure that View > Antialias Text is enabled.

  4. Align the text to center by choosing Modify > Align, (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-K / Cmd-K), and selecting the center horizontal and center vertical buttons as well as the Align to Page option in the Align dialog (see figure 02:11). Click OK to close the dialog.

    Figure 02:11.


The basic text is now created, but because I want to control the rate of appearance of each letter, I need to create a layer for them all.

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