<cftrace          abort = "Yes or No"          category = "string"          inline = "Yes or No"          text = "string"          type = "format"          var = "variable_name"  </cftrace> 


Displays and logs debugging data about the state of an application at the time the CFTRACE tag executes. Tracks runtime logic flow, variable values, and execution time. Displays output on the application page or, in Dreamweaver 5 and later, in a Studio window. ColdFusion logs CFTRACE output to the file logs\cftrace.log in the ColdFusion installation directory.


abort (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, calls CFABORT tag when the tag is executed.

category (Optional)

User-defined string for identifying trace groups.

inline (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, flushes output to page as the tag executes. Within a CFSILENT tag, this option suppresses message display, but trace summary information is included in the debug output.

text (Optional)

User-defined string or simple variable. Outputs to CFLOG text attribute.

type (Optional)

Information output format. Outputs to CFLOG type attribute. Includes Information, Warning, Error, and Fatal Information.

var (Optional)

The name of one simple or complex variable to display. A complex variable, such as a structure, is displayed in CFDUMP format. Useful for displaying a temporary value or a value that does not display on any CFML page.

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