<cfthrow          type = "exception_type "          message = "message"          detail = "detail_description "          errorCode = "error_code "          extendedInfo = "additional_information ">  Syntax  2  <cfthrow object = #object_name#> 


Use this tag for error handling; when an exception is thrown, it can be caught and handled using the CFCATCH tag.


type (Optional)

Default: application, a custom type. Do not enter another predefined type; types are not generated by ColdFusion applications. If you specify application, you need not specify a type for CFCATCH.

message (Optional)

Message that describes exception event.

detail (Optional)

Description of the event.

errorCode (Optional)

A custom error code that you supply.

extendedInfo (Optional)

A custom error code that you supply.

object (Optional)

Requires the value of the CFOBJECT tag name attribute. Throws a Java exception from a CFML tag. This attribute is mutually exclusive with all other attributes of this tag.

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