<cftextinput          name = "name"          value = "text"          required = "Yes" or "No"          range = "min_value, max_value"          validate = "data_type"          onValidate = "script_name"          message = "text"          onError = "text"          size = "integer"          font = "font_name"          fontSize = "integer"          italic = "Yes" or "No"          bold = "Yes" or "No"          height = "integer"          width = "integer"          vSpace = "integer"          hSpace = "integer"          align = "alignment"          bgColor = "color"          textColor = "color"          maxLength = "integer"          notSupported = "text"> 


Used with CFFORM, this creates a text input box with added ColdFusion functionality, such as validation.


name (Required)


value (Optional)

Initial value to display in the text box.

required (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, the user must enter or change text.

range (Optional)

Minimum to maximum value range, delimited by a comma. Valid only for numeric data.

validate (Optional)

Validates to preset criteria embedded into CFTEXTINPUT. Options include date, integer, telephone, time, and zipcode.

onValidate (Optional)

Call a custom JavaScript function to validate input.

pattern (Required if validate = "regular_expression")

JavaScript regular expression pattern to validate input.

message (Optional)

Message text to display if validation fails.

onError (Optional)

Custom JavaScript function to execute if validation fails.

size (Optional)

Controls the display size of the input box.

font (Optional)

Font name for text.

fontSize (Optional)

Font size for text.

italic (Optional)

Default: No. Puts text in italics.

bold (Optional)

Default: No. Puts text in bold.

height (Optional)

Default: 40. Height of the text box.

width (Optional)

Width of the text box.

vSpace (Optional)

Vertical spacing of the text box.

hSpace (Optional)

Horizontal spacing of the text box.

align (Optional)

Alignment of text box: Left, Right, Bottom, Top, TextTop, Middle, AbsMiddle, Baseline, and AbsBottom.

bgColor (Optional)

Background color of the text box.

textColor (Optional)

Text color for the text box.

maxLength (Optional)

The maximum length of text entered.

notSupported (Optional)

Text to display if a page that contains a Java applet-based CFFORM control is opened by a browser that does not support Java or has that Java support disabled.

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