<cftable query = "query_name"          maxRows = "maxrows_table"          colSpacing = "number_of_spaces"          headerLines = "number_of_lines"          HTMLTable          border          colHeaders          startRow = "row_number">          ...  </cftable> 


Use this tag to build an HTML table from data from a ColdFusion query. It or it can also be used to output the table as preformatted text. Preformatted text (defined in HTML with the <PRE> and </PRE> tags) displays text in a fixed-width font. It displays whitespace and line breaks exactly as they are written within the PRE tags.


query (Required)

Name of CFQUERY from which to draw data.

maxRows (Optional)

Maximum number of rows to display in the table.

colSpacing (Optional)

Default: 2. Number of spaces between columns

headerLines (Optional)

Default: 2. Number of lines to use for the table header.

HTMLTable (Optional)

Renders data in an HTML 3.0 table.

border (Optional)

Used in conjunction with htmlTable attribute, this adds a border around the table.

colHeaders (Optional)

Displays column heads. If you use this attribute, you must also use the CFCOL tag header attribute to define them.

startRow (Optional)

Default: 1. The query result row to put in the first table row.

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