<cfswitch expression = "expression">          <cfcase value = "value" delimiters = "delimiters">            HTML and CFML tags          </cfcase>          additional <cfcase></cfcase> tags          <cfdefaultcase>            HTML and CFML tags          </cfdefaultcase>  </cfswitch> 


Often used with programming methodologies, this tag enables evaluation of an expression and then passes control to the CFCASE tag that matches the expression result. This can also encapsulate a default case, which would execute if the expression does not match.


expression (Required)

ColdFusion expression that yields a scalar value. ColdFusion converts integers, real numbers, Booleans, and dates to numeric values. For example, True, 1, and 1.0 are all equal.

value (Required)

One or more constant values that CFSWITCH compares to the expression (non-case-sensitive). If a value matches expression, CFSWITCH executes the code between CFCASE start and end tags. Duplicate value attributes cause a runtime error.

delimiters (Optional)

Default: , (comma). Character that separates entries in a list of values.

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