<cfstoredproc procedure = "procedure name"          dataSource = "ds_name"          username = "username"          password = "password"          blockFactor = "blocksize"          debug = "Yes" or "No"          returnCode = "Yes" or "No"> 


Executes stored procedures by an open database connectivity (ODBC) or native connection to a server database. It specifies database connection information and identifies the stored procedure.


procedure (Required)

Name of stored procedure on database server.

dataSource (Required)

Name of ODBC or native datasource that points to database that contains stored procedure.

username (Optional)

Overrides username in datasource setup.

password (Optional)

Overrides password in datasource setup.

blockFactor (Optional)

Default: 1. Maximum number of rows to get at a time from server. Range is 1 to 100. ODBC driver may dynamically reduce block factor at runtime.

debug (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, lists debug information on each statement.

returnCode (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, the tag populates cfstoredproc.statusCode with the status code returned by the stored procedure.

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