<cfslider name = "name"          label = "text"          refreshLabel = "Yes" or "No"          range = "min_value, max_value"          scale = "uinteger"          value = "integer"          onValidate = "script_name"          message = "text"          onError = "text"          height = "integer"          width = "integer"          vSpace = "integer"          hSpace = "integer"          align = "alignment"          tickMarkMajor = "Yes" or "No"          tickMarkMinor = "Yes" or "No"          tickMarkImages = "URL1, URL2, URLn"          tickMarkLabels = "Yes" or "No" or or "list"          lookAndFeel = "motif" or "windows" or "metal"          vertical = "Yes" or "No"          bgColor = "color"          textColor = "color"          font = "font_name"          fontSize = "integer"          italic = "Yes" or "No"          bold = "Yes" or "No"          notSupported = "text"> 


Used inside a CFFORM, this creates a slider for selecting a numeric value from a range.


name (Required)

Name of the CFSLIDER.

label (Optional)

Label to display with the slider.

refreshLabel (Optional)

Default: yes, which refreshes label when the slider is moved.

range (Optional)

The numeric slider range values. Separate values with a comma.

scale (Optional)

Defines the scale of the slider scale for the range of values.

value (Optional)

The starting value for the slider setting. This must be set within the slider range.

onValidate (Optional)

Enables a custom JavaScript function to be called in order to validate input.

message (Optional)

Text to display if the validation fails.

onError (Optional)

The custom JavaScript function to call if the validation fails.

height (Optional)

Slider control height.

width (Optional)

Slider control width.

vSpace (Optional)

Vertical spacing above and below the slider.

hSpace (Optional)

Horizontal spacing to left and right of the slider.

align (Optional)

Alignment of the slider: Options include top, left, bottom, baseline, texttop, absbottom, middle, absmiddle, and right.

tickMarkMajor (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes. Renders major tickmarks in the slider scale.

  • No. No major tickmarks.

tickMarkMinor (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes. Renders minor tickmarks in the slider scale.

  • No. No minor tickmarks.

tickMarkImages (Optional)

Creates images for tick marks if the tickmark attribute is set to Yes. This is a comma-delimited list of URLs for the images. If there are not enough images, the last image will be repeated for the remaining tickmarks.

tickMarkLabels (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes. Numeric tickmarks based on the value of the range and scale attributes.

  • No. Prevents label text from displaying.

lookAndFeel (Optional)

Default: windows

  • motif. Renders slider using Motif style.

  • windows. Renders slider using Windows style.

  • metal. Renders slider using Java Swing style.

vertical (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes. Renders the slider vertically.

  • No. Renders the slider horizontally.

bgColor (Optional)

Background color of the slider label. Can be a hex value or web color.

textColor (Optional)

Color for the text. Can be a hex value or web color.

font (Optional)

Font name for label text.

fontSize (Optional)

Font size for label text.

italic (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes. Label text in italics.

  • No. Normal text.

bold (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes. Label text in bold.

  • No. Medium text.

notSupported (Optional)

Text to display if a page that contains a Java applet-based CFFORM control is opened by a browser that does not support Java or has Java support disabled.

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