Finding Web Services with UDDI

As a consumer of web services, you want to know what web services are available. As a producer of web services, you want others to be able to find information about your web services. Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) provides a mechanism for clients to dynamically find other web services. Using a UDDI interface, businesses can dynamically connect to services provided by external business partners. A UDDI registry is similar to a CORBA trader, or it can be thought of as a DNS service for business applications. A UDDI registry has two kinds of clients: businesses that want to publish a service (and its usage interfaces), and clients who want to obtain services of a certain kind and bind programmatically to them.

Although ColdFusion does not directly support UDDI, you can manually register or find a web service using a public UDDI registry such as the IBM UDDI Business Registry at

You can find additional information about UDDI

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