Practical Java Game Programming

Practical Java Game Programming by Dustin Clingman, Shawn Kendall and Syrus Mesdaghi  Charles River Media 2004 (508 pages) ISBN:1584503262

Drawing on examples from existing projects, this guide examines contemporary Java game programming concepts and techniques. It offers usage patterns that leverage Java's strengths and points out weaknesses to avoid.

Table of Contents
Practical Java Game Programming
Chapter 1 - Java as a Game Platform
Chapter 2 - Fundamentals of Game Programming
Chapter 3 - 2D Graphics Programming
Chapter 4 - Creating Game Audio Using Java
Chapter 5 - Java IO and NIO
Chapter 6 - Performance and the Java Virtual Machine
Chapter 7 - Local Area Networking for Java Games
Chapter 8 - Faster Math
Chapter 9 - Game Databases and JDBC
Chapter 10 - Java as a Scripting Language
Chapter 11 - Java Native Interface
Chapter 12 - 3D Graphics Foundations
Chapter 13 - Java Bindings to OpenGL (JOGL)
Chapter 14 - Overlays and Menus Using JOGL
Chapter 15 - 3D Render Engine Using JOGL
Chapter 16 - 3D Collision Detection and Response
Appendix - About the CD-ROM
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Listings
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Practical Java Game Programming
Practical Java Game Programming (Charles River Media Game Development)
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