Since interoperability is truly the Holy Grail of the Web services world, diligent development and application of standards for Web service technologies will be a key to their long- term success. By supporting a set of modular standards for SOAP messaging, Microsoft and others are seeking to make this interoperability a reality. Fortunately, WSE provides a ready-made solution for implementing these interoperability specifications in .NET Web services. Also, since all of the Web service standards that well look at in the remaining chapters are based on the core standards of XML and SOAP, you might want to spend some time at or getting your hands on a more in-depth book about XML and SOAP.

Understanding Web Services Specifications and the WSE
Understanding Web Services Specifications and the WSE (Pro Developer)
ISBN: 0735619131
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 79

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