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m//   [See match operator]
magic variable:   [See also tied variable[magic variable: ];]
       inspecting with Devel::Peek  
main package:
       $_ and;  
       used by default  
Makefile.PL script:
       creating makefile with   2nd   3rd  
       LIB variable and  
       automatically generated by MakeMaker  
       creating with Makefile.PL;   2nd  
MakeMaker module:
       automatically generates makefile;  
       creating modules with  
man command:
       on-line documentation and  
       unable to find man pages  
man pages:
       conventions for  
       for Perl  
       formatting POD as;  
       writtein in POD;  
MANPATH environment variable  
map operator:
       @_ and  
       combining with grep;  
       containing match operator[map operator:match operator]  
       containing match operator[map operator:match operator];  
       creating a hash with  
       creating a transformed copy of a list  
       memory-free parentheses and  
       nesting with;  
       slicing data structures with;  
mark-sweep garbage collector   2nd  
mark-sweep garbage collector;  
Mastering Regular Expressions;  
match operator:
       /c option  
       /g option:
               in scalar context[match operator:/g option:scalar context]  
       /g option;  
       /o option   2nd   3rd  
       /o option:
               closures and;  
       /s option  
       /x option  
       \g option  
       in list context[match operator:list context];  
       inside map[match operator:map]  
       inside map[match operator:map];  
       using index instead[match operator:index]  
match position  
match variables  
match variables:
       inside substitution[match variables:substitution];   2nd  
       speed penalty of   2nd  
matchable delimiter :
       in quoted strings;  
memory management:
       reference count  
memory variables  
memory variables:
       inside substitution[match variable:substitution];  
       memory-free parentheses don't change  
memory-free parentheses   2nd  
memory-free parentheses:
       $ inside  
       for speed;  
       regular expression.   [See regular expression: memory]
       regular expression.   [See regular expression: metacharacters]
method call syntax  
method call syntax:
       arrow form  
       AUTOLOAD subroutine and  
       indirect object;  
       supports inheritance;  
method inheritance.   [See object-oriented programming: inheritance]
method.   [See object-oriented programming: method]
Meyers, Scott  
minus sign:
       bareword prefixed with;  
       parameter names prefixed with;  
module   2nd   3rd   4th  
module export list:
       adding symbols to;  
       exporting subroutine from XSUB  
module include path   2nd  
module include path:
       built into executable when Perl is compiled  
       changing in BEGIN block  
       controlling with -I;  
       controlling with PERL5LIB  
       derived from Configure installation prefix  
       lists directories in which use searches;  
       modifying with use lib;  
       private library directory  
       require and;  
       accessing symbols with qualified names  
       adding code to newly-created  
       authors list in CPAN  
       automatically exported symbols  
       building and testing   2nd  
       Changes file  
       creating skeleton with h2xs   2nd  
       discussing before submitting to CPAN  
       dynamically loading XS  
       exploring and downloading with CPAN module  
       following CPAN conventions  
       getting from the CPAN  
       import method  
       installed beneath prefix directory by default  
       installing into alternative directory  
       installing into existing Perl installation  
       loading with use  
       maintainer's mailing list  
       makefile for;  
       package meeting certain requirements  
       purpose of  
       reading documentation with perldoc  
       replacing documentation stub  
       submitting to CPAN   2nd  
       tardist makefile target  
       test script  
       test script;  
       testing with blib module   2nd  
       uploading to CPAN  
       XSUB   2nd  
       XSUB directive;   2nd  
multidimensional array:
multidimensional array;  
multiple inheritance.   [See object-oriented programming: multiple inheritance]
multiple simultaneous connections:
       accepting   2nd  
       setsockopt and  
my operator:
       $_ and  
       creates a different variable  
       creating closure with;  
       creating static variables with;  
       declaring variables with   2nd  
       faster than local  
       inside map  
       lexical scoping with  
       list operator syntax and;  
       naming subroutine arguments with  
       package variables and  
       typeglobs and;  
       vs. local[my operator:local];  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
ISBN: 0201419750
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 1996
Pages: 116

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