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last array element:
       shortening array by changing;   [See $# See last array element]
lexical scope:
       for warnings[lexical scope:warnings];  
lexical scope;  
lexing.   [See tokenizing]
lib module:
       controlling include path with  
LIB variable:
       installing modules into nonstandard place  
line input operator   2nd  
line-at-a-time input  
LISP diagrams  
list assignment:
       reading subroutine arguments with  
list context:
       forcing with [ ] or ( )[ ]  
       inside anonymous array constructor[list context:anonymous array constructor]  
       m//g in  
       map transform expression  
       match operator in  
       right-hand side of assignment to slice  
list of strings:
       creating with qw  
list operator  
list operator:
       BEGIN and;  
       my and local  
       subroutine call syntax  
list separator variable:
       joining elements of arrays and slices;  
       localizing changes to  
       in PEGS[list:PEGS]  
       making copy of  
        randomly shuffled;  
lists of lists  
literal slice:
       forcing list context with;  
       selecting elements from a result with  
       using with split[literal slice:split];  
local operator:
       $_ and;  
       in nested subroutine call[local operator:nested subroutine]  
       in Perl 4[local operator:Perl 4]  
       list operator syntax and  
       localizing elements and slices  
       match variables  
       memory variables  
       on special variables[local operator:special variables]  
       on typeglob[local operator:typeglob]   2nd   3rd  
       on variable in another package[local operator:variable in another package]  
       on warnings variable[local operator:warnings variable]$^W   [See warnings variable]
       run-time scoping with;  
       saves value of existing variable  
       vs. my[local operator:my]  
local variable   2nd  
       memory variables;  
       reference to;  
       slice as  
       substr operator as  
       using defined on[lvalue:defined]  
LWP::Simple module  

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Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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