Section 56. Use Horizontal Rules

56. Use Horizontal Rules


6 About Proper HTML Coding

For the most part, you don't need to use horizontal rules in your page if you learn to use paragraph styles and tables well. Having a break between two paragraphs with appropriate heading styles is the best way to separate two ideas. If you do need to use horizontal rules, though, you can easily do so in Composer .

Select Horizontal Line from the Insert Menu

Horizontal lines make important information stand out. One very important piece of content is the headline. Let's review horizontal lines by adding one after a headline. Click at the end of the headline in the first cell of the table and select Horizontal Line from the Insert menu.

A horizontal line has been added to the page directly below the headline.

Configure the Horizontal Line

The Horizontal Line Properties dialog box comes up. From here, you can set the width of the line, the height of the line, and set it to align left, center, or right. Feeling adventuresome? Try the 3D property for added effect.

There is no way to change a horizontal line into a vertical line in HTML .

56. Use Horizontal Rules

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