Section 22. Use Yahoo PageWizards to Create a Page

22. Use Yahoo! PageWizards to Create a Page


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Now that you have a Yahoo! GeoCities account, you can create your site. With Yahoo! GeoCities, you can create your website a few different ways. For the initial site, you are going to use the Yahoo! Quick Start PageWizard, which is very easy to use and gives you a good-looking home page using templates that are provided for you by GeoCities.

Go to Your New Page

This is where your changes are going to appear when you are finished creating your page. For now, all you will see is the starting point for you to build the site. On this page, you can access several tools to build your pages. You are going to use the Yahoo! PageWizards in this chapter. The Yahoo! PageBuilder will be covered in the next chapter.


Yahoo! PageWizard enables you to create pages through a web-based interface, where you fill in the blanks and use a template to create your page. Yahoo! PageBuilder enables you to work with the page in a much more hands-on way, with access to each item on the page and even access to the source HTML code.

The File Manager tools are for you to create blank pages and to move files around or rename them.

Click on Yahoo! PageWizards .

22. Use Yahoo! PageWizards to Create a Page


For printing your pictures on your printer at home, you want to have images that are very large and detailed so the pictures come out looking sharp and not grainy. For the Web, you want small images that are cropped correctly to show only what you want to see on the page and that download fast. No one will want to spend time on a page if she has to wait a long time for the pictures to download.

Pick a Template

Find the Quick Start designs at the top of the page.

Below the Quick Start section are Sanrio themes if you need to create a Hello Kitty sort of page, and below the Sanrio themes are popular themes you can use for special occasions. You can explore these if you like. Each one has a wizard that will walk you through using them.

In the right column there are other templates, such as a Tribute Page (if you need to do that tribute to your favorite band of the '80s), or want to put up a quick photo album for your in-laws.

Click on the link for the wizard of your choice. (For this chapter I picked one of the Quick Start templates called Night Vision .)

Click on the Begin button.

The PageWizard lets you select another page style or you can keep the one you selected already. You can preview the page design you chose in your browser by clicking on the Preview button.

Click on the Next button.

Enter the Content for Your Home Page

Enter the title and the main text of the page. The title and initial text of the page are used by search engines to classify your page, so taking the time here to put in good, descriptive titles and then getting right to the point in the first paragraph of the page can make your page easier to find.

When you're done, click on the Next button.

Pick Your Picture

On this screen you can pick a picture you have already uploaded or choose to upload a new image for your page. Because you have just created your account, you probably haven't uploaded any images yet, so we are going to upload an image.

Make sure the Use Your Own Image button is selected and then click on the Upload New Image button. In the new window that opens, click on Browse and select an image to upload. Click on the Upload button.

You can also decide not to have a picture on the page by selecting the Don't Use an Image button or you can use the default image.

You can also add a caption to the photo in the text box at the bottom of the wizard.

When you're done, click on the Next button.

Enter Your Favorite Links

On the next screen, you can enter links for sites that visitors to your page might want to visit. In the Link Name column on the left, enter the text you want your visitors to see. In the Web Address column on the right, enter the web address for each link.

When you're done, click on the Next button.

Enter Your Contact Information

These are the final two steps of the Yahoo! Quick Start PageWizard where you can add a link for people to contact you through email or even through Yahoo! Messenger if you have it installed.

Click on the Next button when you add your information.

Name your page on the next screen of the wizard. This is the text that shows at the top of the browser window when visitors come to your site.

When you're done, click on the Next button. You have now completed your first web page on GeoCities.


Be sure to write down the web address so you can find the page again and your friends will be able to find you on the Web. Later on, we are going to change the address to make it easier to find, but for now be sure to keep this address written down.

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