Section 23. Edit Your Page

23. Edit Your Page


20 Explore GeoCities

21 Sign Up for Services

22 Use Yahoo! PageWizards to Create a Page


24 Use the PageBuilder

Using the PageWizard to edit an existing page is very similar to creating the first page. When you open the PageWizard using the same template as you used to create the page, you will be able to open the page and change the items rather than start a new page.

Go to Your Home Page at Yahoo! GeoCities

Open your home page at the address you wrote down. From the home page, open the PageWizard .

Edit Your Page

In the PageWizard, click on the template you used to create your new page.

After you have used the PageWizard, you have a choice of creating a new page or editing an existing file. Pick any of the files you have created with the template in the drop-down list and click the Next button.

Change the Template

After you have edited the page, you can select a different template. The PageWizard knows where the content on your page is and how to change the template and move the existing content to the right place in the new template.

After you have selected a new template or if you don't need to select a new template, click on the Next button.

Edit the Content of the Page

In the PageWizard, you can change any of the existing content on the page.

When you change or add content through the wizard, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. The changes you make will be added to the page right after the text that is currently in the text area. You can highlight text, though, and replace it entirely.

23. Edit Your Page

Using the PageWizard only lets you operate in the areas of the templates where there is existing text. If you want to add text to areas where there is not any text, you'll need to use the PageBuilder or the Advanced Editor .

When you get to the area to change the links, you can select one of the links you added, highlight the Link Name , and change it to whatever new link you want to feature.


If you are familiar with web addresses, you might have seen addresses with http:// in front of the address. In PageWizard, you don't have to add http:// .


If you go to the page to which you want to link, you can copy the link from the address bar in the browser and then paste that into the Web Address field in the Yahoo! Quick Start PageWizard. If you copy and paste an address, there is a better chance of getting the address right.

When you are done with the changes to the page, you can save the page to a new name if you want to keep the original page and the edited version, or you can save the edits over the page you started with.

View Your Page in the Browser

Go to your page in the browser and note that the changes you made to the page are saved and visible online.

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