Chapter 5. Use the Yahoo PageBuilder to Build Advanced Pages

Chapter 5. Use the Yahoo! PageBuilder to Build Advanced Pages


24 Use the PageBuilder

25 Add Text and Graphics to the Page

26 Create Links to Other Pages

27 Add Special Features to Your Page

28 Use Page Stats

29 Add Hit Counters

30 Add Stock Quotes

31 Add News Feeds and Weather Maps

32 Add a Search Function

Creating a web page using the wizards is a pretty cool start to having presence on the Web, but you will outgrow that simple website very quickly. In this chapter, you will use the PageBuilder to add features to your site that will make visitors spend more time on your site and gain more information from it.


Wizards Cool technology that walks you through a series of questions. These questions enable the programthe wizardto do a lot of the work for you. These wizards build the page they think you want. For a page built to your exact needs, you must use the PageBuilder.

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