Section 24. Use the PageBuilder

24. Use the PageBuilder


22 Use Yahoo! PageWizards to Create a Page

The PageBuilder is a powerful tool that gives you a lot more flexibility than the PageWizard, but with that flexibility comes more choices and requires a little more work than PageWizard .

Go to Your Page at GeoCities

Go to your page at GeoCities that you made in Chapter 4, "Getting Started Building Web Pages on GeoCities."

When you open your home page at GeoCities, you should still see the placeholder page that says that you haven't started building your site yet. That isn't true, but we haven't set the pages you have built to automatically load when someone comes to your site.

In the last chapter, in the right column of the placeholder home page, you selected the PageWizards , which enabled you to pick a template and build your page through a four-step process.

We are going to use the PageBuilder , which will give you a lot more control for building your pages.

Click on the link for PageBuilder .

24. Use the PageBuilder

Explore the PageBuilder Page

The right side of the page has links to the top five templates and links to tutorials for PageBuilder . There is also a link to the Message Boards, where you can ask other users your questions.

On the left of the page is the link to start the PageBuilder applet.

On the bottom left of the page is a list of the templates available for the PageWizards , which you used in the last chapter, and below that there are Popular Themed Templates for different special events and types of pages.

Open the PageBuilder Applet

Open the PageBuilder applet by clicking on the Launch PageBuilder link.

The PageBuilder applet will open in a new window.


You need to have Java installed and turned on to use the PageBuilder . There are links to help you with Java just below the Launch PageBuilder link.

Also, PageBuilder is intended for use on PCs running Windows. Mac users will see a warning. Last, do not close the small pop-up window. It's not an ad for cheaper insurance or low mortgage rates. This window controls the PageBuilder load process.

Open Your Home Page

Click on the Open icon at the top of the applet window.

An Open Page window opens and lists all the files in your site. For now there should be several files. You should see the index file, which is the page that opens when someone types in your address and it is the page that opened when you started this chapter. If you have previewed any templates in earlier tasks , you might see the temporarypreviewfile that is generated to give you a preview as you work. There might be other pages available to you if you have created any in the earlier tasks.

Click on the file named night vision (the file you've been working on in the Files Available list) and then click the Open button.

You might see an alert that warns you that changes made in PageBuilder will make the page unusable in PageWizard. Continue on because you will not be working on these pages in PageWizard.

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