Section 119. About Online Photo Services

119. About Online Photo Services


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In the same way digital photography has forever changed the way we take pictures, use our cameras , and even think about photography, online photo services have changed the way we use and think about photo albums, and share photographs with others.

Photo albums are no longer a physical object that only you have alone, that gets yellow over time, and that can only be viewed at your convenience. When you create an album online, you send out the URL to others, and they can view the album whenever they want. You and your visitors can print any photo they want on their own printers, or if they want it printed on photo stock, they can order prints online as well.


If you print a lot of photos, consider investing in a photo printer. They can cost as low as $100, but will print out high-quality photos on photo stock.

Because of their many benefits, and the popularity of digital photography, online photo services have become increasingly popular. And there are many to choose from. These are the kinds of things they enable you to do:

  • Scroll through thumbnails of all the photos in an album. When you do this, you can easily view many photos on a page, as you can see in the nearby figure, showing a photo album on You can then see full- size images of any photo you want.

    Here's how an online album looks on . From here, you can see larger images of each picture, order them, and print them.

  • Print any photo directly to your printer.

  • Reorganize your album by reordering and deleting photographs, and adding new photographs.

  • Add captions to photographs.

  • View photographs as a slideshow.

  • Create multiple albums. You might have an album for a family trip you took to Hawaii, another for wedding photographs, and so on.

  • Some services, such as, allow other people to comment on your photographs.

As you'll see in the rest of this chapter, creating an online photo album is exceptionally easy, and can be accomplished with a minimum of mouse clicks. It's easier, in fact, than manually building photo albums the old-fashioned way.

After you've built an album, to share it with others, you send out the URL, and then your visitors can view and use your album as well. They won't be able to edit the album by adding or deleting photos, and some services let you have control over whether they can buy photographs.

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