Selecting a Theme for Your Web Page

After you have edited your new Web page, you may want to add a theme. A theme provides design elements, background colors, and font colors that "dress" up your Web page (or any Word document).

  1. To select a theme for the Web page, select Format and then select Theme . The Theme dialog box will appear (see Figure 21.2).

    Figure 21.2. Select a theme for your Web page.


  2. Select any of the themes in the Choose a Theme list to view a preview of the theme.

  3. When you have found the theme that you want to use for the Web page, click OK.

graphics/save.gif The theme will be added to the Web page as shown in Figure 21.3. Remember to save your new Web page. Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar. Provide the filename and location for the Web page in the Save As dialog box. Then click Save to save the document.

Figure 21.3. The theme will be applied to your Web page.


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