Adding Hyperlinks to a Document

Adding Hyperlinks to a Document

An important aspect of creating Web pages is being able to insert a hyperlink into a particular document. Hyperlinks provide the main navigational tool for the Web. If you've spent any time on the Web at all, you know that you move from site to site using hyperlinks.

You can also designate graphics that you create and pictures that you place on your Web pages as hyperlinks. Rather than clicking a text link, you click a picture, and it takes you to the referenced Web site.


Hyperlink A hyperlink references another Web page or site. Hyperlinks can appear as text or graphics on a Web page. When the hyperlink is clicked, you are taken to that page or site.


Hyperlinks Can Reference Regular Documents and Files Hyperlinks don't have to reference Web pages or Web sites. They can be used to link typical Word documents. For example, you can use a hyperlink to open another Word file on your hard drive.

When you create Web pages using the Web Page Wizard, hyperlinks are automatically created in your Web documents. They appear as underlined text elements. They also appear in a particular color. After you use a hyperlink, it appears in a different color when you return to the page containingThis lets you know that you've used that particular link before.

To place a hyperlink into a Word document, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text or other items that will serve as the hyperlink.

  2. graphics/hyperlink.gif Select Insert , Hyperlink or click the Insert Hyperlink button on the Standard toolbar. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears (see Figure 21.4).

    Figure 21.4. Enter the Web site address or the local filename for the new hyperlink into the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.


  3. Enter the Web site address (URLUniform Resource Locator namesuch as ) into the Address box.

  4. To have text other than the actual hyperlink address appear as the hyperlink, type the text into the Text to Display box.

  5. Click OK . You return to your document. The hyperlink is underscored and appears in a different color, denoting it as a hyperlink.

  6. Repeat steps 24 as necessary to create all the hyperlinks for your document.

You can also create nontext hyperlinks. To make a picture, button, or other design element a hyperlink, right-click the object and select Hyperlink from the shortcut menu. Enter the address for the Web site into the Web Page Name box of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. Click OK . Now when you click the picture hyperlink, you are taken to the referenced Web address.

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