27. Use the Lock Screen Tool

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The screen can be locked by setting a timing in the Screensaver Preferences dialog box when you configure your screensaver. In cases where you want to lock the screen when you are ready to step away from your computer, you can use the Lock Screen command on the System menu. After you have locked the screen, the screensaver starts after a short period provided to unlock the screen using your user password.

Before You Begin

22 About GNOME Personal Settings

26 Select a Screensaver

Lock Screen

Select the System menu and then select Lock Screen. The XScreenSaver lock dialog appears. You can now go about your business and step away from your computer.

Unlock Screen

When you return to your computer, your screensaver will be running; move the mouse or tap a key on the keyboard. The lock dialog reopens. Your username will already be entered. Enter your password and press Enter to unlock your computer.

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