Chapter 4. Modifying the NLD Desktop

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18 About Modifying GNOME

19 Create Desktop Icons

20 Add an Item to a Panel

21 Add an Item to a Menu

22 About GNOME Personal Settings

23 Change Personal Settings

24 Change the Desktop's Background

25 Change Fonts

26 Select a Screensaver

27 Use the Lock Screen Tool

28 About Desktop Themes

29 Change the Current Desktop Theme

30 Add Themes to GNOME

31 Change Window Preferences

The GNOME desktop not only provides a GUI launch pad for your productivity software tools and utilities, but it also provides NLD (and you) a highly customizable user environment. Think about the kind of desktop personalization that other operating systems provide for their desktop GUIs, and you will be in the same league with GNOME.

You can control and personalize the desktop background, the items available on the menus and desktop panels, and you can control personal settings for both software and hardware items including the mouse and your printers. This chapter begins with an overview of personalizing the NLD desktop.

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