18. About Modifying GNOME

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GNOME provides you with the ability to add desktop icons and shortcut icons to the panels on the desktop. You can also add new items to the menu system. In terms of modifying and personalizing the desktop, you can control the desktop background, change the desktop fonts, and select the screensaver that you want to use.

The number of changes that you can make to the NLD desktop at the user level (without using the root password) are limited to the look and feel of the desktop, meaning how you perceive the desktop environment (colors, backgrounds, and so on). An item that controls a number of look-and-feel elements is a theme. A theme is a set of coordinated settings that control how the various parts of your application and applet windows look including the window frame and controls. A theme also controls the look of certain desktop icons and some icons on the panels. To create a unified look for the NLD desktop, you can use themes and desktop backgrounds that complement each other.

NLD provides several themes that you can choose from. You can also download and install additional themes.

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Theme Settings that affect the look of program and utility windows including the frame and controls. Themes also control the look of certain desktop and panel icons.

In terms of the hardware settings you can modify, you will find the appropriate utilities in the Settings dialog box, which is launched via the System menu. You can modify settings related to the keyboard, mouse, and printers and even change the screen resolution. Most of the settings related to personalizing the desktop environment are found in the Settings dialog box.

One of the easiest ways to personalize the NLD desktop is to add icons to the desktop, panels, and menus that make it easier for you to run your applications. Let's begin our discussion of modifying the NLD desktop with a look at adding icons to the desktop.

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