8. Use the Menu System

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You can access the application and other tools provided by NLD using the menus that reside in the top panel of the desktop. The Programs menu divides the installed applications into categories such as Accessories, Graphics, and Office. Selecting a particular category provides a list of applications in that category. For example, the Accessories submenu provides access to tools such as the Calculator, Dictionary, and File Manager. The Office submenu provides access to the OpenOffice.org suite, which includes Write, Calc, and Impress.

The System menu provides access to personal and administrative settings. It also allows you to quickly search for a file and provides you with the ability to log off the system.

Open Program

Select the Programs menu and then select one of the program categories such as Internet. Then click an application icon such as Firefox Web Browser. The application (in this case Firefox) opens on the desktop. You can Minimize or Close the application as needed.

Open Settings

Select the System menu and then select an item on the menu such as Personal Settings. This opens the Settings window. You can minimize or maximize the Settings window as needed.

View Desktop

To minimize the application currently running on the desktop, click the View Desktop icon on the desktop's bottom panel. You can then restore any of the open applications to the desktop by clicking its icon on the bottom panel.


To quickly start applications such as Firefox, Evolution, and OpenOffice.org Write, click the appropriate quickstart icon on the top panel.


If you are running a multimedia application such as the CD Player or Music Player, you can quickly adjust the sound by selecting the Volume Control icon on the top panel.

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    Novell Linux Desktop 9. User's Handbook
    Novell Linux Desktop 9 Users Handbook
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