9. Manage Virtual Desktops

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Before You Begin

7 Navigate the GNOME Desktop

8 Use the Menu System

Multitasking environments such as NLD make it easy for you to run multiple applications on the desktop. However, the desktop can become quickly overrun with application windows. Even with some applications minimized, the bottom panel can contain any number of icons, making the process of switching between applications an annoyance. Virtual desktops allow you to place applications on different desktops. You can then switch between these desktops and use the running applications, without sorting through a pile of windows on one desktop only.


On the far left of the top panel is the Window Switcher icon. When you are working on a particular virtual desktop, you can quickly get a list of open application windows (and switch to particular application) by selecting the Window Switcher.

You switch between the virtual desktops using the Workspace Switcher on the right side of the bottom panel. The Workspace Switcher actually provides a thumbnail of each of the virtual desktops currently in use.

Switch Virtual Desktop

To switch from your current desktop (and the applications currently open on the desktop), click one of the blank virtual desktops in the Workspace Switcher. Although your applications still show as open on the bottom panel (as icons), you are provided a "fresh" desktop.

Open Applications on Virtual Desktop

You can now open applications as needed on the virtual desktop. For example, select Programs, Office, Word Processor to open the OpenOffice.org Write application.

Switch Back to Original Virtual Desktop

To switch back to the original virtual desktop, select the Workspace Switcher box for that desktop. To return a virtual desktop to its original state (meaning devoid of application windows), close the applications on that virtual desktop.

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