165. Create Tasks

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You can view tasks in the Calendar view in the Task pane or you can switch to the Task view (select the Task shortcut icon). You can create tasks for your own to-do list or assign tasks to others. You can also create multiple task lists (the same as creating multiple calendars) that allow you to color-code tasks (dependant on the task list the task is held in).

Select Task View

To switch to the Task view, select the Task shortcut.

Open New Task

To create a new task, select the New drop-down arrow on the toolbar and then select Task. A new task dialog box opens.

Enter Task Information

On the Task tab of the new task dialog box enter the summary and description for the task. In the Date and Time area of the Task tab use the drop-down lists to set the Due Date and Start Date for the task as needed.


To quickly start a new task click in the Click to Add a Task box in the Task pane. Type the name of the new task. To edit the task, including setting the task status, double-click the task in the Task list.

Enter Task Status

Select the Status tab of the task's dialog box. Set the status of the task; select the Status drop-down list and then select In Progress. To set the priority, select the Priority drop-down list and then select High, Normal, or Low. To close the dialog box and add the task to the Task list, click OK.


After you have completed a task, you can select the task's check box in the Task list. Or you can open the task (double-click the task), select the Status tab, and then select Completed on the Status drop-down list.

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