90. Start OpenOffice.org Applications

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The OpenOffice.org applications (Write, Calc, Impress, and Draw) can be opened from the Programs menu. You can also launch one of the applications from the window of any of the other applications by selecting a new file that requires that application. For example, if you are in Write, you can select File, New from the menu and start a new spreadsheet, which opens Calc.

Before You Begin

89 About OpenOffice.org

Open Application

From the NLD desktop, select Programs, Office from the menu. Select one of the application icons to start the appropriate application: Drawing, Presentation, Spreadsheet, or Word Processor. A new application window opens.


You can quickly start Writer using the Word Processor icon provided in the top panel of the NLD desktop.

Open Application from Program Window

You can also open a new drawing, presentation, spreadsheet, or document window from any of the OpenOffice.org applications. From within one of the application windows, select File, New, and then select Text Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, or Drawing. A new application window opens for the OpenOffice.org application that creates the document type that you chose on the New submenu.

Switch Between Application Windows

You can quickly switch between application windows open on the NLD desktop. Select the icon for the application window you want to switch to on the desktop's lower panel.


If you have multiple application windows open on the NLD desktop and want to keep all the applications open but clear up your workspace, right-click on the bottom panel icon for any open application window. On the shortcut menu select Move to Another Workspace and then select one of the workspaces listed. This keeps the application window open but moves it to another of the virtual workspaces provided by NLD. To switch between workspaces, use the icons on the far right of the bottom panel.

Close Application

After you have completed working with an application, select the Close button for that window (or select File, Exit). Make sure that you save any changes to the current document if alerted when closing the application.

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