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Appendix B. Online Resources for Dreamweaver Web Developers



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The Internet offers a wealth of resources for learning to use Dreamweaver as well as for the study of web design and development in general.

The Macromedia Dreamweaver newsgroup is probably the single most useful online resource for Dreamweaver web developers. It is a user-to-user forum, frequented by Dreamweaver users of all skill levels from every part of the world. Although a small number of Macromedia tech support staff participate, the great majority of assistance is provided by other users and by a core of volunteers known as "Team Macromedia" organized by the company.

The forum receives hundreds of posts per day, with questions and answers covering a broad range of topics. Beginners are welcome, but are encouraged to spend some time on the newsgroup before posting and to read the official Frequently Asked Questions and Etiquette Guidelines that are posted daily. Dreamweaver is the topic, but questions regarding any aspect of web development are usually answered cheerfully.

The Dreamweaver forum is an NNTP newsgroup, accessible through any standard newsreader, such as Outlook Express or Netscape. You can access this newsgroup at news://

Resources on the Web

The web provides a large number of free, easily accessible informational sites for Dreamweaver users and web developers in general. The following list is organized by topic.


The following sites offer resources related to using Dreamweaver and other general web development topics:

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver Support Center

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver TechNotes

  • Angela Buraglia's

  • Craig Fosters's Macromedia Dreamweaver Newsgroup FAQ

  • DWZone

  • Patty Ayers's The Patty Site


The following sites offer information and resources related to browsers, including older versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer, and emulators for more unusual browsers, such as WebTV:

  • Browser archive

  • Browser emulator

  • WebTV Viewer

  • Browsersizer

  • Windowing Bookmarklets


The following sites offer resources related to server-side CGI scripting, including tutorials and information and downloadable scripts:

  • How to Install a CGI Script

  • CGI Tutorials


  • CGI

  • Perlmasters

  • BigNoseBird.Com

  • Matt's Script Archive

  • Tutorial on Matt's FormMail

  • The PERL Archive



The following sites offer information and tools related to the web and color:

  • Color Resources for Web Developers

  • Webmasters' Color Laboratory

  • Digital Studios' Color Schemer

  • Color Schemer Software

  • The Browser-Safe Color Palette

  • Death of the Web-Safe Color Palette?


The following sites offer a wealth of information, tools, and coding help related to Cascading Style Sheets:

  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

  • Master Compatibility Chart

  • A CSS Reference Guide

  • Using Cascading Style Sheets

  • MaKo's CSS Know-How Site

  • Selectoracle: English translations of CSS2 and CSS3 Selectors

  • CSS References

  • TopStyle Pro 2.5

  • The Web Design Group CSS Reference

  • W3C CSS Validator


The following sites offer a variety of Dreamweaver extensions for download, and information about extensions:

  • The Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver

  • David Miles's Extensions

  • Deva

  • Dreamweaver Supply Bin

  • Dru's Dreamweaver Fever

  • DWzone

  • Hal Pawluk's Extensions

  • Massimo's Corner

  • Paul Davis's Kaosweaver

  • Pretty Lady II by Brad Halstead with the works of Eddie Traversa and Robert J. Sherman

  • Project VII

  • Rabi's Extensions

  • Spider Food


  • Yaromat


The following sites offer JavaScript help, reference materials, and sample code, to help you get started as a web scripter:

  • Client-Side JavaScript Reference jsref/contents.htm

  • DHTML Shock

  • Dynamic Drive

  • The JavaScript Source

  • mickweb

Search Engine Placement

The following sites offer information and services related to publicizing your web site using search engines:

  • J.K. Bowman's Spider Food

  • Search Engine World

  • Link Popularity

  • Search Engine Watch


The following sites offer a variety of utilities and services to make your web work more fun and efficient:

  • Registry Utilities for Dreamweaver and UltraDev

  • Top Style Pro

  • How to Create Favicons

  • Atomz Search Engine


The following sites provide great information on your potential web audience, including who's browsing, what browsers and plugins they're using, what kind of computers they're browsing on, and more:

  • Global Statistics from

  • BrowserWatch

  • WebTrends

Section 508 Compliance

The following sites offer information and site-checking services for any developer interested in creating accessible web sites especially those concerned with ADA and Section 508 compliance:

  • UsableNet

  • 508 Universe


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