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This module serves as an introduction to the Internet and accessing the information there using Web browsing and electronic mail (email) software.

  1. The Internet is a global network formed by connecting millions of computers. The World Wide Web is a way of accessing the information that's available via the Internet.

  2. A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the address that points your Web browser to a specific Web site or page.

  3. Check your Web browser for the small lock icon at the bottom of the screen before sharing personal or credit information with a Web site. The icon means the site is secured and verified by a third-party vendor.

  4. A virus is a destructive file that replicates itself. Protect yourself from infestation in the following ways:

    • Don't open email attachments from strangers or if you're not expecting the file.

    • Install virus-scanning protection software.

    • Don't use diskettes from an unknown source. Even then, you're taking a risk because trusted and known sources might not know they're infected!

  5. A firewall is hardware or software that prevents unauthorized access to a lone system or a complex network.

  6. In Windows Explorer, press Shift when clicking a link to display the new page in a new window.

  7. Use the History to revisit recently visited Web sites. To do so, click the History button to open the History panel.

  8. Save a Web site as a Favorite link if you plan to visit the same page often. To do so, choose Add to Favorites from the Favorites menu, enter a new name for the page or accept the page's default name , select a folder, and click OK.

  9. Email is a means of communicating over the Internet with others who also have email. Its many benefits include speed of delivery, low cost, and flexibility.

  10. Save messages in appropriate folders to organize your messages. To create a new folder, choose New from the File menu. Then, select New Folder, enter a name, and click OK.

  11. When responding to an email message, you can respond to only the sender by clicking Reply or you can respond to everyone who received the message by clicking Reply All.

  12. Attach a file to an email by clicking the Attach button, locating the file, and clicking Attach.

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