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PowerPoint presentations present information in an organized way to an audience.

  1. PowerPoint offers six ways to view a presentation:

    • Use Normal view to work with one slide at a time while maintaining an overall sense of the presentation.

    • Slide Sorter view gives a visual overview of your entire presentation.

    • Notes Page view displays the printed note pages.

    • Slide Show view displays your presentation as it will appear at show time.

    • Use Slide view to edit slides.

    • Outline view devotes most of the space to the outline pane.

  2. A presentation consists of individual slides screens of information viewed one at a time.

  3. To add a new slide to a presentation, select New Slide from the Insert menu, click the New Slide button on the Standard toolbar, or press Ctrl+M.

  4. A design template is a special file that contains a color scheme and standard slide elements for all the slides in a presentation.

  5. The master slide contains elements that are repeated on every slide in the presentation.

  6. To add text to a slide, select Text Box from the Insert menu, click inside the text box, and start typing.

  7. Display a chart by selecting Chart from the Insert menu. Locate the datasheet underneath the chart and enter the data you want charted. Right-click the chart area, select Chart Type, and choose the appropriate chart type option.

  8. The Drawing toolbar offers buttons to modify shapes and lines.

  9. Animate text or an image by selecting Preset Animation from the Slide Show menu. This option displays a submenu with 14 animation effects.

  10. A transition determines what happens between slides. In Slide Sorter view, click the slide after the transition, right-click and select Slide Transition, and select an option.

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