Coder to Developer-Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software

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Mike Gunderloy


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For Dana, once again—and always.


Once again, it’s been a long road from original idea to finished book. And I could never have navigated that road without the help of all the folks on the editorial team: Joel Fugazzotto, Tom Cirtin, Liz Welch, Leslie Light, and John Mueller. Thanks also to the production team at Happenstance Type-O-Rama, who performed the magic of turning my Word documents and Visio sketches into a finished product.

Thanks to Joel Spolsky for contributing the foreword and allowing me to quote some of his work (and borrow liberally from a few of his ideas). Roy Osherove provided valuable suggestions on various chapter drafts, and Dan Frumin inspired some of my thoughts about team management. Eric Sink from SourceGear kindly donated a copy of his company’s Vault source code control software for the book’s website.

I feel a great debt to all the authors of computer books whose work I’ve tried to build on. There are too many to list here (and inevitably I’d forget some), but certainly everyone in the field owes something to Frederick P. Brooks Jr. Without his pioneering example, who would have thought of thinking about the process of development?

Many of the ideas in this book came out of work I did on the Developer Central newsletter, at first for Di Schaffhauser at MCP Magazine and then for Mike Bucken at ADT Magazine. I’m happy that both of them have let me get into as much trouble as I like by spreading my opinions around the Internet. The readers of Developer Central, too, have helped hone my ideas by pointing out my errors and omissions.

Of course, none of these people are responsible for the remaining errors and omissions. I blame gremlins for those. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Finally, thanks go out to my family for putting up with the long hours I spent pounding away at this book instead of reading stories, dispensing cookies, or indulging in adult conversation. Adam and Kayla provide the leavening of childish energy that I need to remind me that there’s a world outside of books. Dana Jones keeps me on an even keel, and helps out with the million and one chores of growing a family (not to mention doing all the work of growing #3). I couldn’t write without them.

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Coder to Developer. Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software
Coder to Developer: Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software
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