In this chapter, we showed that development is not that difficult and that the Jakarta sources prove it. We started the chapter started out by explaining the four-and-a-half levels of granularization. Granularization is the core concept of developing good code. As you saw, there are different levels of granularization , which is a core concept of this book. The chapter then moved on to discuss the two best practices that you should use to develop a large part of your code. The Jakarta programmers use these techniques ”and the Commons Sense class types ”extensively. The Commons Sense class types are attempts to identify specific class types that are programmed using a specific logic. The techniques shown in this chapter are used extensively in the Commons and have been proven to work.

On the CD The sources to the concepts presented in this chapter are located under the directory [CDROM]/jseng/src/com.devspace. jseng .granularization .

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