One name is on the front cover, but this book has resulted from the efforts of an extraordinary team. Thanks to everyone at Peachpit Press, including Cary Norsworthy for her tireless leadership, Anne-Marie Walker, Simmy Cover, David Leishman, Eric Geoffrey, and our talented production team. Thanks to Jim Aikin, whose insight and unparalleled experience have guided the whole book, and Tova Friedman for lighting up pages with her illustrations.

Thanks to those who were generous with their knowledge, including electronic music pioneer Curtis Roads at the University of California, Ben Chadabe at the Electronic Music Foundation, Jon Appleton at Dartmouth College, percussionist Paul Wertico, film editor Pawel Wdowczak, Frank Verderosa at Nutmeg Audio Post, hardware researcher Lyndsay Williams of Microsoft Research Cambridge, musicologist Alan Richtmyer, and musicians Tim Place, Robert Henke, and Tim Exile.

Many people in the music industry have contributed products to test as well as technical expertise and ideas, particularly Steve Thomas and Jesse Jost at Cakewalk, Tobias Thon at Native Instruments, Dave Hill at Ableton, Christine Wilhelmy at Apple, Mike Lohman at Shure, Reinel Adejar at Digidesign, LaShundra Hicks at Akai/Alesis/Numark, Marsha Vdovin on behalf of Cycling '74 and Propellerhead, Jim Cooper at MOTU, Leslie Buttonow at Korg, Tara Callahan at Roland, Shane Swisher for Yamaha, Starr Ackerman and Jeni Karlieva at IK Multimedia, and many others, including those at Sennheiser, Novation, M-Audio, Mackie, Denecke, MakeMusic!, Sibelius, FXpansion, Behringer, Edirol, Brian Moore Guitar, Ms. Pinky, Auralex Acoustics, Fervent Software, Executive Software, and TrackTeam Audio.

On a personal note, thanks to my electronic music teacher John Yannelli at Sarah Lawrence College, whose commitment to helping people understand these topics has been a model for me, to Christopher Breen at Macworld for setting me on this path , to my family for endless support of epic projects, and to my partner Jennifer for being a brilliant reader and inspiring me with patience.

Real World Digital Audio
Real World Digital Audio
ISBN: 0321304608
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 96
Authors: Peter Kirn

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